These Rahul Gandhi Memes Will Make You Go ROFL For Sure!


Rahul Gandhi is the man. Let’s face it, he’s swag personified and he can make the country laugh. And also no matter what everybody says about him, Rahul Gandhi we want to say that “we love you, you make the country laugh!”. See how much we missed him when he was gone for 56 days? Well, He was probably busy, making some new memes or saving baby seals in Antarctica. Well here are the best Rahul Gandhi Memes will make you go ROFL for sure!

Anyway, words fail to capture his awesomeness but these memes do. Here’s a look at some of his most perfect candid moments expressed via memes. These memes will make you die of laughter and will shatter you in pieces of bricks. Watch it out. Rahul Gandhi as always pointed out to be the Pappu of India, busy and uncertain in the knowledge of politics, not sure what got it. He was off the track for now and then. Let’s watch this up and share the fun of joy of Mr. Rahul Gandhi! Here are the most amazing Rahul Gandhi memes you will ever see!

Rahul Gandhi Memes

1. Dragon Balls Wala Dinosaur!

Rahul Gandhi Memes


2. Dalits Cow Milk

The Dalit Cows


3. Chota Bheem Chota Bheem!

Chota Bheem Rally


4. Pikachu aur Jigglypuff

Pikachu & Jiggleypuff


5. Politics Ke Batein Choro!

Politics Ki Bateein


  1. Rahul Gandi today should pay homage to Kurien ,man behind milk revolution,by offering himself as brand ambassador to Amul brand as amulboy,creativity and young Indians and youth will be inspired by this to drink more milk daily.?


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