The devastating news about Chennai and other cities of Tamil Nadu has given an big shock wave to the nations. The cities of Tamil Nadu including Chennai has been almost full cut-off from the rest of the nation. On this no major news coverage has been done. If the news was related to a factor of a actor, some new products and any other trolling should have been covered up. With our network, we have tried out best to support Chennai, a website being names just as “Aap Chutiye Hai” wouldn’t be always about Trolls or Memes or fun, we try to cover almost every viral news from the internet that requires attention. One of our blog on our PBN has covered this news for you. But now here are some of the Chennai floods memes are now trending on the internet. We are hoping a way out for them.

The Chennai haven’t seen or took this kind of rain from the past 100 years. This time, it has drown the whole state of Tamil Nadu, people are struck on board houses, Railway stations and even Airports. Local services has been completely shut down and their is almost no way of contacting the people. On the other part no media coverage has been done but you can read the full story and help us.

Chennai Floods Story Coverage on Witty Idiots

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PM Modi on Thursday reached Adyar to inspect the situation in Chennai and the Press Information Bureau released and image of him inspection the city…. except they photoshopped it, and gave people a good laugh. Here are some Chennai Floods Memes on Modi. So here we are trying to create a humor content just to make you laugh and keep praying for the people in need. Don’t forget to donate them!


Modi Inspecting Chennai Floods Memes

Here’s the image PIB posted:

Chennai Floods Memes

And here is the real Image:

Modi Inspecting Chennai Floods


And here are the consequences of PIB’s photoshop that made the internet go laugh and it begins!


1. I was your Pilot

I am Pilot Meme


2. Save the Puppies Modi Sir

Save The Puppies Modi Sir


3. Ishmile Pleajjj

Modi Ji Smile


4. Ghost is around…

Indira Gandhi Ghost


5. Meow Mr. Modi

Meow Mr. Modi