Man’s Best Friend is a Total Di*k. Check this Out!


This Time All India Bakchod is come up with another damn hilarious video exploring new relationship. who is Guy’s Best Friend. What you Think His father, No. His classmate, No. His dog, No Yaar. You grow up with him, you cared him, you protected him and you played with him since you a Teenager and you forget. Its Your Dick, Bro.

You always with him he never leaves you alone anywhere, School, College, Bathroom, Bedroom everywhere even in a your Dream. Yeah, Sometimes its Ditches you, but who doesn’t yaar. Everyone has his own Pros and Cons. This Video shows Unbreakable Bond of a Guy and his……..! You can’t ignore it, he’s your best buddy.

See This Most Unbreakable relationship of a Guy and his Experiences with his Dick 😀

Via: StoryPick


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