Indian Parents Explain How Babies Are Born!


So, What You Think of Babies Come From. What did your Parents tell you i guess some stories of GOD that he came and handed you in your parents Hand or Something Like “Kiss=Babies” or Your Mom ate Something. There’s so many. They will always come up with some weird stories & made up every possible thing just to avoid telling the truth. And none of this made any sense. Especially Indian Parents. They will do anything to avoid ‘THE TALK’ with you. And when you force them, or they think it’s time you knew, they all become creative story tellers, and it gets awfully awkward. I don’t think your parents will ever tell the real answer but nowaday we know it huh! As a Kid How do you think Babies are Born?

Maybe we better of learning from Porn then, eh? 

In This Video Indian Parents Trying to Explain How we came into this world is the Funnies and Super Hilarious Video Ever by IISuperwomanII.

Funny Baby How was i Born


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