How a 10 Rupee Note Can Make you CROREPATI


Daily everyone passes or takes hundreds and thousands of currency notes as money is the basic need of life. Like me, you people too would never have paid attention towards the number that is present or printed on currency notes. You might be thinking, why should someone pay attention towards the number printed on currency note as they are present on every note. But let me tell you that some notes have a special number, an error, etc and these notes with special number or an error could make you earn a lakh rupees or even more. So here’s how you a 10 rupee note can make you Crorepati.┬áSo to know how? Read on.

Make you Crorepati

There are many online website like eBay that offer sale and purchase of currency coins and notes with special numbers, misprints, errors, vintage notes or coins. And these special currency coins and notes are sold in thousands or lakhs of rupees.

10 Rupee Note

So what actually makes these currency notes rare is that some of them have numbers in a particular series. While others posses special numbers like 786 or even a birth date of celebrities like on a Rs 10 note was mentioned 230478 i.e 23/04/78, which matches with birth date of Sir William Shakespeare. So the owner of that special Rs 10 note is surely going to get a huge amount of money for just 10 rupees by selling it online.

eBay Rupee Sale

It has also been reported that the misprinted notes or those with errors are also valued highly. The most rare and expensive note is said to be a Rs 1000 note, which has a missing digit in the number printed on it. It is so much expensive that it can be priced over Rs 3 lakh. So getting Rs 3 lakh for Rs 1000 note is something really big and new. So you should start looking for such special notes. But remember that it is not easy to get such note as they are very rare.

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