7 Movies That You Should Watch, But Without Your Parents


Movies are something which everyone love to watch, Be it a kid or an eighty five year old man, everyone loves movies, But there are some movies which you can never watch with your parents (If you know what I mean ). Here are 7 movies which faced the censor board to an extreme mode. Here is the mist of movies that you should watch but without your parents


1) Kamasutra

Movies You Must Watch Kamasutra
This masterpiece by Mira Nair received great critical acclaim all over but sadly, was halted by the Censors due to it being ‘too explicit’ and ‘immoral.’ Ironic, isn’t it? It’s not as if Kamasutra originated in INDIA?


2) Water

Movies You Must Watch Water
A film that dared to look into the lives of widows in India; ‘Water’ was banned by the censors simply because it highlighted issues like ostracism and misogyny.


3) Gandu

Movies You Must Watch Gandu
This black and white Bengali ‘rap musical’ was banned for its explicit sex scenes and use of drugs. But the film is a great watch, story-wise! *he he he*


4) Firaaq

Movies You Must Watch
This was a film which dealt with the Gujarat riots and the Hindu-Muslim communal hatred. Despite receiving great reviews, the film got banned.


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