22 Awesome Yet Funny Shaped Fruits And Vegetables


Funny Shaped Fruits

Fruits or vegetables, who doesn’t love them? But think again, have you ever encountered any uncertain, awesome yet funny shaped fruits and vegetables? If not, you may come across few in here that are really really funny and will make you laugh out loud. These funny shaped fruits and vegetables are the awesome example of hybrid and nature. Most of them are indirectly made by the nature itself without doing anything. You will be shock to know their is alot of things out in the world, around you that can turn out to be funny. Think again, this could be your very own imagination with the small little things around you.

We have collected list of the weirdest specimens that look like animals, body-parts or even people or anything else you could imagine off. Including from the small hands, to a running boy or a scary ghost. Here is the list of the most awesome yet funny shaped fruits and vegetables you will love. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and laugh out.

If you encounter any of these, feel free to share your images with us and we will post them while making a new list. Here is the list of the funny shaped fruits and vegetables:


1. Duck Shaped Tomato

Funny Shaped Fruits Ducked Shaped Tomato

Think of a tomato who turned to a duck and start walking behind you!


2. The Evolved Radish

The Evolved Radish

Run run run, I am behind you!


3. The Cute Strawberry Butterfly

Cute Strawberry Butterfly

And this is sooo cute!


4. The Chicken Berry

The Chicken Strawberry

Seems, she is trying to lay her egg somewhere!


5. Girlfriend Boyfriend Carrots

Mother & Child Carrot

This is pretty sharing is caring love! The love birds, Even carrots are in relationship, only I am single!


6. Bear Shaped Potato

Bear Shaped Potato

Give this cutie a cute little hug!


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