19 Best Modi Camera Memes That Make You Go ROFL!


Modi Camera Memes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not your typical world leader. He is just like you and me. He love the world like a normal human being than being treated as a VIP. He poses for animals, take alot of selfies and proves how much he love camera. Although he doesn’t show off but yes he is taking in the position of comparing himself with the best leaders so far. Narendra Modi shows off the world how to be the boss and no matter what, he has to pose. Here are some of the class modi camera memes that will definitely make you go ROFL.

By the social media key and being on the “Flight Mode” like himself and not like Manmohan Singh, the “Silent Mode’, he wants to make sure he gets every bit of his life enjoying whole day long, he loves to opt in and enjoy the life. His awesome actions proves that his real and first love is only and the only camera. You might have remembered his visit to the Silicon Valley where he threw and pushed Mark Zuckerberg off just to take his photo and let people bark. Evenly not only enjoying his life, he also started alot of his own plans and schemes to make the country develop and let the people of India enjoy. Some of his schemes include like Swach Bharat, Jan Dhan Yojna, Make in India etc.

Narendra Modi although being the Prime Minister makes his possibly the best laughter guy to entertain the people of his country as well. “His County?” we assume not, “Our country” and he is the leader not the boss to help people and get them the right things they deserve on. Only Modi and his photographer knows where they are and they always have to look towards his other to make sure, every image goes right. His first love is Camera and will always be. Here are the most awesome yet funny modi camera memes and images that will make you sound awesome. The Modi Camera Memes will make you laugh so hard that you will eventually turn yourself into Pappu. Watch the fun right away:


1. Re Baba, Side Ho Ja!

Modi Camera Memes


2. Only He Knows, Where The Camera Is Exactly!

Modi Knows The Camera


3. Dosti aur Camera

Dosti and Camera Modi


4. Main aur Mera Camera

Main aur Mera Camera



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