“PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO” was released a few weeks back but the users on social media and the web along with the audience who watched or not watched the movie are getting mad and crazy over this movie. As far as normal consideration, some people love it and some other hated the movie. Many of others have also that the movie was a master piece and was good for family watch. The movie by  Sooraj Barjatiya had a great affect on the audience. For now, here we preent you with the prem ratan dhan payo memes which are alot more better than the movie itself and you may love to share them.

Its always upto you and the audience to live in this democratic country and feel what you love or not to love about the movie you watch. It can go varying from time to time. This could help him to get more of profit from the normal routine. The fans of bhai are out for full support that will help the movie to get a high profit and budget can be covered. Salman Khan tried to make the movie perfect time to time. His expressions, his dialogues should be the only reason you should go and watch the movie rest Sonam didn’t left a nibble to ruin the movie at all.

It stakes that it was only Sonam Kapoor and Armaan Kohli who made the family Entertainer movie into a worse nightmare. WHY YOU DID THIS SONAM!!! The people are also pointing out the its not a movie, it’s a big song which small dialogues in it. The songs in the movies are too more and lengthy that made people to thing and not to make them enjoy it which actually annoys the viewers.

So here we being combining things all at one single place for you all. Here we bring you with the 18 Epic Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Memes which will for sure angry Bhai-Fans but will make you all and others people out there ROFL.


1. Prem Ratan ki Over Acting

Prem Ratan Over Acting


2. Prem Ratan Movie

Prem Ratan Movie


3. Dhan Payo!

Dhan Payo


4. Prem Ratan Dialogues

Prem Ratan Dialogues