17 Images That Will Prove How Incredible India Is!


Our Incredible India!

We all dream of going abroad, to visit a foreign nation. We Indians, especially, are so mesmerized by the fact how beautiful some places in foreign lands can be. But what we all forget is that our own homeland, our Incredible India is no less than a paradise on earth waiting to be explored. With the Himalayas in the north to the beautiful valleys of Kerala and the mesmerizing beauty of Andaman in the south, India has an array of scenic landscapes to offer. Here are some images that will assure you how incredible India is and will push you to plan your next destination within the Incredible India instead of Spain or USA:


1. Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Surrounded by the Himalayas in North Sikkim, Yumthang Valley gives you one of the most wallpaper friendly photographic opportunities. Situated at a height of 3,564 meters above the sea level, it is also known as “The Valley of Flowers”. You definitely need to put this one on your bucket list.

incredible India Yumthang Valley


2. Tea Garden Hills of Munnar

South India’s largest tea growing plantations are situated in Munnar, a small town located in Southern Kerala. With its emerald landscapes and Incredible backdrop of rising hills, make sure this is one destination in India that you don’t skip.

Tea Hills Munnar


3. Stok Range, Ladakh

The Stok Range in Ladakh consists of some of the highest mountains in India. One such is Stok Kangri, at 11,845 feet high, a popular mountain among climbers and also serves as a test run for Mt.Everest. Make sure your camera is with you when you visit this Incredible destination.

Stok Range Ladakh


4. Nubra Valley, Ladakh

A high altitude cold desert, yet again situated in the heart of Ladakh. Though it requires a permit to visit here, the scree slopes and the crystal lakes are totally worth every effort. If there was heaven on earth, I am sure god intended it to be Nubra.

Nubra Valley



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