16 Instances To Prove Indians Dont Give A Shit!


Because Indians dont give a shit.

Indians are really unique people. They are regarded as one of the most intelligent societies in the world. Indians have nurtured the likes of Aryabhatta, Homi Bhabha, Ravindra Nath Tagore, Mahatama Gandhi and Abdul Kalam to name a few personalities. With that kind of record, the world expects them to achieve high and do great in every field. And they do. But also, they achieve in fields that are not too mainstream. They can do things no one in the world can imagine. They have set the weirdest world records from eating lizards to having the longest nails and so on. You can never be sure what weird news pops out from which corner of the country at which second. Judge them all you want, but one thing you can be sure of is Indians dont give a shit about what others think.

Down here are a few examples that show how shamelessly carefree Indians can be at times. Some of the things they get away with sometimes are outrageously funny! They sure live up to the name of “Incredible India”. So sit back and enjoy these shenanigans they take a part in and learn from the pros how Indians dont give a shit.


1. Because breaking rules make us look ‘kewl‘.

Indians dont give a Shit Breaking Rules


2. Atleast he got a good picture.

Good Picture


3. Even the animals don’t give a shit about your travel.

Cow Road


4. Isn’t it A’moo’zing!?

Cow Roof



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