16 Best Memes Of “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” That’ll Make You LoLoL


When it comes to Modi, people be like “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar.” Why not? Ofcourse, he is the Indian game changers that played a lot more well mannered politics and trying to make India Rich not just in the terms of money but also in getting a high class infrastructure development and alot of more than that. The tagline “Ab Ki baar Modi Sarkar” turned out to be so strong, that people started to forget the name of BJP and the party was initiated as a launch of Modi only.

Today, after the elections were held off the track, almost everyone new the result. The elections are upon people like us but we always need a new channels and we want politicians themselves to talk serious and take our work in concern. On the other hand, the internet is really happy to troll every part of them left out, taking it the left, right or any of the centre. Bakchods and Trollers all over from India are sparing not a single chance to give politicians out a chance to make fun of them or anything related to them. Why not, if they can be our reason to cry, they are also be our dose of laughter and jou. So, this time, the team ACH presents you with the rhyming skills of practicing the BJP’s or Modi’s pool slogan, “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”. Brace yourself and get ready to see the most awaited trolls from us.


Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar

So here we begin with the Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar best memes on the internet:


1. Biwi Ka Pyaar aur Modi Sarkar

Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar


2. Loota Sabne Baar Baar

Loota Sabne Baar Baar


3. Dil Ka Bhavar

Dil Ka Bhavar


4. I tried So Hard

I Tried So Hard


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