11 More Patanjali Products Expected from Ramdev Babaji


Baba Ramdev is a smart chap, generally. He plays alot really well with everyone out there. And there are no qualms in accepting that the guy has got the gift of the gab too on each of things he get in. But it’s over ambition has cost Baba Ramdev in abundance in the past. This time however it would not be an exaggeration to say that shit has indeed hit the roof. Baba Ramdev is always making up more new Patanjali Products everytime he gets in!

After being roasted online and getting into viral news for his range of new Aarogya biscuits and the much talked about Patanjali Noodles, the supposed competition of Maggi, Baba Ramdev is set out to do something bigger. The Yoga guru has set his sights on global sports brands like Nike and Adidas and is ready to challenge them with his own desi brand of yoga wear called ‘Vastram’!

And with plans to launch health drinks such as ‘Powervita‘ to take on established brands like Horlicks and Bournvita, it’s high time we brace ourselves for the worst.

More Patanjali Products

Here are 11 products more products you can expect from the lab of Baba Ramdev:

1. Yogi Poko Pants – For all the shitty times in life

Patanjali Yoga Pants


2. Old Yogi Rum – Do Boond Sardiyon Ki

Old Yogi Rum


3. Patanjali Shock Watches – Desiest wrist watch since Titan

Patanjali Shock<



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